Guide for Gaffers by Moray Macphail.

Small can be beautiful


Before starting the series of articles on traditional rigs and rigging, I'm going to start by addressing the issue of boat ownership [...]

Small can be beautiful2023-01-26T09:28:39+00:00

Rigging Loads


Rigging Loads - or a tale of scientific progress? In which your hero tries to work out the starting point for the design [...]

Rigging Loads2021-05-25T16:31:03+01:00

Standing Rigging


All Standing - a quick look at standing rigging I reckon that you have by now had your fair share of esoterica, so [...]

Standing Rigging2021-05-25T16:47:06+01:00

Mast Furniture


The point of this article is to deal with some of the detailed aspects of mast furniture. A few caveats are in order. [...]

Mast Furniture2021-05-25T16:22:53+01:00

Gaffs and their Saddles


Different ships, different saddles In the good old days when gaffs lay at an angle of 45 to 50 degrees to the mast, [...]

Gaffs and their Saddles2021-05-27T09:38:12+01:00

Saddle Issues


Every so often I get an email describing how a gaff saddle I've made isn't working properly – usually because it [...]

Saddle Issues2023-01-26T12:00:16+00:00

Boom not Bust


The next item on the agenda is booms. Those of you with sprit rigs, bawleys and Drascombes can skip this article with impunity. [...]

Boom not Bust2021-05-27T09:28:12+01:00

Shortening Sail


The subject of this article is mainsail reefing. I’m just dealing with mainsails because I am still on the subject of booms, in [...]

Shortening Sail2021-05-27T09:28:56+01:00


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