Shortening Sail


The subject of this article is mainsail reefing. I’m just dealing with mainsails because I am still on the subject of booms, in [...]

Shortening Sail2021-05-27T09:28:56+01:00

Gaffs and their Saddles


Different ships, different saddles In the good old days when gaffs lay at an angle of 45 to 50 degrees to the mast, [...]

Gaffs and their Saddles2021-05-27T09:38:12+01:00

Bits for Booms


A reader of the last article on booms said that it was a bit inconclusive: he was trying to size a boom and [...]

Bits for Booms2021-05-27T09:28:00+01:00

Boom not Bust


The next item on the agenda is booms. Those of you with sprit rigs, bawleys and Drascombes can skip this article with impunity. [...]

Boom not Bust2021-05-27T09:28:12+01:00

Shrouded in mystery


In the last article we covered stays and mastbands. To complete the picture for staying the mast, I’ll now look at chainplates, shroud [...]

Shrouded in mystery2021-05-25T16:58:04+01:00

Standing Rigging


All Standing - a quick look at standing rigging I reckon that you have by now had your fair share of esoterica, so [...]

Standing Rigging2021-05-25T16:47:06+01:00

Rigging Loads


Rigging Loads - or a tale of scientific progress? In which your hero tries to work out the starting point for the design [...]

Rigging Loads2021-05-25T16:31:03+01:00

Mast Furniture


The point of this article is to deal with some of the detailed aspects of mast furniture. A few caveats are in order. [...]

Mast Furniture2021-05-25T16:22:53+01:00


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