Iain Oughtred Boat Plans and Books

These designs are loosely based on traditional types of boats, but the lines and layouts and sailing rigs have been developed so as to be more suitable for recreational use.
Construction methods are also rather different: although retaining the handsome traditional character of clinker or lapstake planking, the glued lap system as used here has several real advantages.
The plans consist of (unless otherwise specified) the following;
Line plan with offsets – Construction plan – Full size patterns of moulds – Sail plans – Oar plans included with the rowing skiffs – The Building Procedure, a concise summary of the Clinker Plywood Boatbuilding Manual.
The plans are drawn to 1-1 1/2″= 1′ – 1:8 and the sail plans usually 3/4″ = 1:6
Dimensions are in feet and inches with metric equivalents. The drawings are mostly A1 and in many cases the full size patterns on A0.
A materials list and also a list of suggested hardware is also included.
Jordan Boats in the UK can also supply a CNC Plywood Boat kit for many of the designs listed below https://jordanboats.co.uk/



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