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Transom Fittings


Rudder straps - bronze The first dimension for the rudder straps gives the distance between the straps, the second the length of the [...]

Transom Fittings2024-05-29T17:08:09+01:00

Real Boating


Yachtsman and Author Tom Cunliffe makes the case for "real" Boating Boating has always made great recreation because it satisfies body, mind and [...]

Real Boating2024-05-29T17:08:22+01:00



What could Dyneema do for you? When it comes to boats and rigging, we are surely no cleverer than our predecessors. What we [...]


Buoyancy in small boats


Buoyancy - a little guidance to keep you afloat Let us embark on the debate between buoyancy bags and buoyancy tanks for open [...]

Buoyancy in small boats2024-05-29T17:12:37+01:00

Gauges, Threads and Units


A note on units Like many in their prime of life (?), I think in feet and work in metres, having lived through [...]

Gauges, Threads and Units2024-05-29T17:08:36+01:00

Small can be beautiful


Before starting the series of articles on traditional rigs and rigging, I'm going to start by addressing the issue of boat ownership [...]

Small can be beautiful2024-05-29T17:08:43+01:00

Rigging Loads


Rigging Loads - or a tale of scientific progress? In which your hero tries to work out the starting point for the design [...]

Rigging Loads2024-05-29T17:08:56+01:00

Standing Rigging


All Standing - a quick look at standing rigging I reckon that you have by now had your fair share of esoterica, so [...]

Standing Rigging2024-05-29T17:09:04+01:00

Mast Furniture


The point of this article is to deal with some of the detailed aspects of mast furniture. A few caveats are in order. [...]

Mast Furniture2024-05-29T17:09:10+01:00
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