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Gaffs and their Saddles


Different ships, different saddles In the good old days when gaffs lay at an angle of 45 to 50 degrees to the mast, [...]

Gaffs and their Saddles2024-05-29T17:09:16+01:00

Saddle Issues


Every so often I get an email describing how a gaff saddle I've made isn't working properly – usually because it [...]

Saddle Issues2024-05-29T17:09:21+01:00

Boom not Bust


The next item on the agenda is booms. Those of you with sprit rigs, bawleys and Drascombes can skip this article with impunity. [...]

Boom not Bust2024-05-29T17:09:26+01:00

Shortening Sail


The subject of this article is mainsail reefing. I’m just dealing with mainsails because I am still on the subject of booms, in [...]

Shortening Sail2024-05-29T17:09:32+01:00

Using Wykeham-Martin furling gears


Using Wykeham-Martin Furling gears - an Unofficial Guide Reefing versus Furling Gears Just in case you get confused, it is probably worth rehearsing [...]

Using Wykeham-Martin furling gears2024-05-29T17:09:37+01:00

Types of rope


Rope makers seem to delight in confusing us with science and/or extraordinary polysyllabic names. Let me try to cut through the guff a [...]

Types of rope2024-05-29T17:09:42+01:00

Sealing a Plate case


Stooping the slopping when you are motoring It is not often a brainwave occurs, but I had one the other day. My tender - the much [...]

Sealing a Plate case2024-05-29T17:09:52+01:00

Why put lead in putty?


Good Question You put lead into putty if you want to use it as a caulking compound. And then one customer had the [...]

Why put lead in putty?2024-05-29T17:10:31+01:00
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