Tufnol Blocks, Swivel End

Tufnol Blocks, Swivel End


The same construction as the bow end blocks, but with a swivel shackle. PEASE NOTE Our Tufnol Block size description differs from the manufacturers description described elsewhere in that it represents the maximum size of rope ‘Classic Marine’ recommend to avoid rope friction and chafing on the cheeks. Sheave sizes are the best way to check ‘like for like’ when trying to match blocks.

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Block type

Double becket swivel, Double swivel, Fiddle swivel, Fiddle swivel becket jammer, Single becket swivel, Single swivel, Single Fixed, Single with Becket Fixed, Double Fixed, Double with Becket Fixed, Fiddle, Fiddle, Becket with Jammer

Rope size

8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm


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