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A longer version of the Guillemot, the Tammie Norrie has a similar midsection but a smaller wineglass transom. She is basically a traditional workboat of medium size; a type which happens to make a particularly useful and attractive recreational boat.

The extra length on a moderate beam ensures a good rowing performance, with one or two pairs of oars. A stable boat for her size, she normally carried 2, 3, or 4 people, but can take up to 6 in favourable conditions. Under sail, four is about a comfortable maximum. While not dramatically fast under sail or oars, the boat does perform very well for a comfortable, stable, load-carrying hull. Three optional sailing rigs are offered. The loose-footed standing lugsail is the ultimate in simplicity. The yawl is a common traditional rig, but here drawn with a balanced lug foresail for easy handling and safety. It is a very versatile rig, easily managed single-handed. The gaff sloop rig is of course more complex to set up, and to handle, but a lot of fun for a crew of two or three. The sails of the lug or yawl rigs are interchangeable; the standing lugsail can be used in the yawl, or the balanced lug by itself.

(Tammie Norrie is the Scots name for the Puffin or Razorbill).

  • Length

    13′ 6″ – 4.11m

  • Beam

    4′ 5″ – 1.36m

  • Draft

  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    84 sq ft – 7.8 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    260-340 hours

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