Oakum – 4 kg pack

Oakum – 4 kg pack


1 x 4kg pack.

9 inches high, diameter of 10 inches , reels off from the outside.

supplied wrapped in celophane .

Oakum is natural hemp that has been impregnated with stockholm tar  (pine tar) extracted from the sap of pine trees.

Oakum is used for the packing (or caulking) between hull planks and decking timbers on wooden boats.  A caulking iron can be used to tap the oakum into the seams. but we find a blunted chisel chisel works well.   Its quality and high-durability makes this oakum ideal for caulking below the waterline.

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Best navy oakum, steeped in stockholm tar.

Generally used for caulking below the waterline.

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Weight 4.4 kg
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