Granny Pram Building Plans

Granny Pram Building Plans


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By comparison with the Mouse pram, the extra length comes a proportionate increase in carrying capacity and performance. With the finer and higher bow she handles a bit of choppy water in a very capable manner, either under oars or sail. The sail area is generous; the boat can give quite a lively and exciting sail on a windy day. But the lug rig is quickly reefed down when necessary, so it need not be too exciting. In an emergency the whole sail can be instantly lowered into the boat – a valuable safety feature of this rig. Another is the way in which the overlapping boom prevents the clew lifting downwind; this prevents the sail twisting excessively, and so greatly reduces any tendency to rhythmic rolling and unexpected gybes. The sail is completely under control at all times, sot he best use can be make of its power without unnecessary risks.

However for owners who do not need maximum performance, but merely a safe and practical auxiliary sail, a smaller rig 42 sq ft (3.9 sq m) can be fitted. This gives quiet adequate sailing in normal conditions; if it’s dead light it may be quicker to take a turn on the oars to get her to windward. The shorter spars all stow within the boat.

  • Length

    9′ 4″ – 2.84m

  • Beam

    4′ 1″ – 1.25m

  • Draft

  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    43 sq ft – 4 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    110-150 hours

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