The Gannet is similar in design and construction to Shearwater; same comments apply regarding the design, handling, fitting out, use and options. Performance and carrying capacity are of course improved with the longer hull. There is a little more influence here from current trends in racing dinghy design; the hull has a generous flare forward to keep her dry, and this flare is to an extent carried right through aft. This gets the crew weight a little further outboards, helps to keep the water out all round and adds to the stability if she heels too far in a sudden gust. Plenty of flare forward adds very slightly to the wind resistance, but keeps the crew a lot drier and more comfortable, and makes the boat ultimately more seaworthy.

The Gunter rig is used again, in a tall and windward-efficient form. The straight-luff mainsail could be set on a normal Bermudan type mast; however for the varied uses that the boat is designed for, the Gunter’s short spars seem worth having for their advantages in handling, convenience and safety.

  • Length

    14′ 5″ – 4.40m

  • Beam

    5′ 8″ – 1.73m

  • Draft

  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    118 sq ft – 10.96 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    270-340 hours