Collano Semparoc 60 (regular) 800g

Collano Semparoc 60 (regular) 800g


A unique marine wood glue, Collano Semparoc is one of the most versatile glues available. Collano Semparoc cures in 45 minutes, with an open joint time of 15 minutes. It is economical to use straight from the bottle with little wastage. Collano Semparoc reacts with moisture thus making it ideal for use in wet conditions – 25% moisture in the wood, even at temperatures as low as 5�C.
•Open Time (skin formation): 60 min
•Density g/ml: 1.25
•Viscosity mPa.s (Brookfield at 20 deg C): Approx. 8500 mPa.s (5/20)
•Application Quantity: 100-300 g/m squared
•Properties/Application: High joint strength and long open time

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