Blakes Victory Perishable Spares Kit


1 x TBB7705 Hose connection
2 x TBB7300 Back connection washer
2 x TBB7335 Hose clip
1 x TBB7340 Copper washer
1 x TBB7345 Washer
1 x TBB7350 Washer
1 x TBB7355 Bucket Washer
1 x TBB7360 Leather Washer 1″
1 x TBB7385 Centre Weighted Rubber Ball
1 x TBB7390 Joint
4 x TBB7395 Fibre Washer
4 x TBB7400 Rubber Washer
6 x TBB7405 Rubber Washer
1 x TBB7415 “O” Ring 3/8″
1 x TBB7416 Lip Seal 3/8″
1 x TBB7640 Gland Packing
1 x TBB7370 Washer 1 1/2″ Leather
1 x SCX6989 Washer 2″ Leather
2 x TBV7875 Washer 5/8″ Leather
2 x TBV7880 Joint (Discharge Cylinder)
2 x TBV7885 Bucket Washer (Discharge Pump)
1 x TBV7890 Top Clack Valve (Discharge Pump)
1 x TBV7895 Valve (Lower Clack Valve)
1 x TBV7900 “O” Ring 5/8″ (Discharge Pump)
1 x TBV7901 Lip Seal 5/8″ (Discharge Pump)
1 x TBBLIT Handbook

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