The Acorn 15 design has a similar beam and mid section to the Acorn Skiff, and the same construction method. This is a fine craft for serious rowing, well suited for river or sea use. The increased length transforms the performance potential, and with one or two rowers putting their back into it she moves very fast, taking powerboat wakes or a moderate chop in her stride. She could make quite a fast passage, carrying a load of camping gear. Or on more of a relaxed afternoon on the river, she slides along easily with no effort on the oars at all, attracting admiring glances from all around. She carried anything from one to four adults comfortably, and/or plenty of kids.

Under sail, the Acorn 15 is, like her little sister, rather tender, and heels readily, though not dangerously. The low-cut rig of moderate area certainly does not overwhelm the boat, and if she does heel sharply in a sudden hard gust, she instantly responds to a few inches of sheet eased, and sits up again, all the while moving surprisingly quickly, owing to the minimal resistance of the hull.

  • Length

    15′ 1″ – 4.60m

  • Beam

    3′ 11″ – 1.2m

  • Draft

  • Weight (kg)


  • Sail Area

    60 sq ft – 5.6 sq m

  • Time to build (estimate)

    200-250 hours