Transom Fittings

Rudder straps - bronze The first dimension for the rudder straps gives the distance between the straps, the second the length of the [...]

Transom Fittings2021-06-03T07:46:42+01:00


What could Dyneema do for you? When it comes to boats and rigging, we are surely no cleverer than our predecessors. What we [...]


Types of rope

Rope makers seem to delight in confusing us with science and/or extraordinary polysyllabic names. Let me try to cut through the guff a [...]

Types of rope2021-05-27T11:01:36+01:00

Using Wykeham-Martin furling gears

Using Wykeham-Martin Furling gears - an Unofficial Guide Reefing versus Furling Gears Just in case you get confused, it is probably worth rehearsing [...]

Using Wykeham-Martin furling gears2021-05-27T11:02:58+01:00

Buoyancy in small boats

Buoyancy - a little guidance to keep you afloat Let us embark on the debate between buoyancy bags and buoyancy tanks for open [...]

Buoyancy in small boats2021-05-27T11:03:25+01:00

Gauges, Threads and Units

A note on units Like many in their prime of life (?), I think in feet and work in metres, having lived through [...]

Gauges, Threads and Units2021-06-03T08:15:57+01:00

Shortening Sail

The subject of this article is mainsail reefing. I’m just dealing with mainsails because I am still on the subject of booms, in [...]

Shortening Sail2021-05-27T09:28:56+01:00

Sealing a Plate case

Stooping the slopping when you are motoring It is not often a brainwave occurs, but I had one the other day. My tender - the much [...]

Sealing a Plate case2021-05-27T09:54:51+01:00

What’s the Gauge of a Woodscrew?

And a scheme for working out the clearance hole Measure the head in sixteenths of an inch, subtract 1 from that answer and [...]

What’s the Gauge of a Woodscrew?2021-05-27T09:53:48+01:00

Why put lead in putty?

Good Question You put lead into putty if you want to use it as a caulking compound. And then one customer had the [...]

Why put lead in putty?2021-05-27T09:52:23+01:00

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